Make your cum taste good

11 Jul

Can I Make My Sperm Taste Better?

If you’ve ever been told your cum tastes bitter or salty, or even worse, disgusting? Want to raise your chances of getting more blowjobs?

Amongst the most common things females complain about when they talk about oral sex is the taste of sperm.

You could help the taste of your sperm, so we put the highlights into one short write-up for you.

“She Complains That My Sperm Tastes Bitter and Salty”

These are the two most frequent words used to explain the flavor of sperm. Quite often there is a complaint about a chlorine-like smell. This is common and is not any reason to think that there may be something wrong with your ejaculate.

You sperm is a product of the nutrients that you take in. That means that the foods you consume will affect your ejaculate composition, and obviously its taste.

What Can I Eat To Make My Cum Taste Really good?

Semen may by no means taste “good” to some, while other people probably love the flavor of it. Taste is too subjective, but what you’ll discover here may hopefully help you make your own cum taste less bad, and a lot more sweet.

Particular foods have got reputations for helping cum taste better, including:
pineapple – pineapples (as well as juice) tends to make cum much sweeter tasting
celery – assists in easing bitterness of cum occasionally
fresh fruit – mostly melons, fruit seems to make sperm taste lovely
cinnamon – can help mask odd cum tastes
water (important) – plenty of water each day to purge harmful toxins from the body
Vegans possess reputations for having much better tasting semen than meat eating guys. This is not just a result of the extra fresh fruits and ‘healthy’ foods which vegetarians consume, but additionally what they don’t eat.

Stuff That Can Make Ejaculate Taste Poor

If there are things that help make your sperm taste good, there’s got to be some things that help to make it taste terrible:
a lot of protein (various meats, milk products, and so on) can generally help make cum salty
an excessive amount of coffee helps make cum taste extremely bad
heavy cigarette smoking can help make sperm taste bad and usually accounts for an awful taste
garlic as well as onions bring their flavor to semen at times
foods having a excessive sulfur content (broccoli family, meats, beans, nuts & seeds, and so on)
It is ok to consume these types of foods, but do not take in so many, particularly at one sitting. If you insist upon ingesting lots of protein, you ought to try to take in excess water to purge the metabolized proteins out because this is apparently one of the main culprits of poor cum taste, as do milk products.

“Are There Any kind of Cum Taste Supplements?”

Certainly! Yummy Cum is a suppliment composed of pineapple extract, spices, and other all natural ingredients that can certainly make your sperm taste great without having to change your eating habits!

It’s really a scientifically proven truth that particular foods and drinks (like pineapple juice) will affect how your sperm tastes as well as smells, but who wishes to consume a gallon of pineapple juice every day? For starters, pineapple juice is expensive! To obtain the equivalent amount of active ingreditents in Yummy Cum you would have to consume about $200 in pineapple juice each month. Not to mention the fact that your lady probably wouldn’t have the time to have any fun with you because you’ll end up running to pee every 10-20 minutes! Yummy Cum operates off the exact same “you are what you eat” principle, but reduces all those foods down in to an easy to take capsule.

make your cum taste good


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